“It was great to meet with a dietitian who actually told me to add foods to my diet instead of recommending that I take them away! By working with Vicki, I feel that I am changing the way I think about food and this has changed the way I eat. Thank you!”

“Vicki has been very supporting and encouraging throughout my work with her. I have lost 20 pounds and feel so much better. I also have a greater understanding of how good nutrition affects my health. I have been cooking more, reading food labels and have even increased my exercise.”

“I am a long distance client of Vicki’s as I travel a great deal for my work. When I have my telephone consults with her, I feel like she is sitting right next to me. She is very current on the newest research and has a very strong knowledge base. I also appreciate the support she gives in between appointments as I often have questions relating to the foods available on my many trips. Thanks Vicki!”

“Thank your recent presentation to our group. Your enthusiasm and energy was contagious. We look forward to having you back again soon!”

“I have struggled with an eating disorder for quite a while. Vicki showed me understanding of which I have not experienced anywhere else. She is very knowledgeable and compassionate. I like the in between appointment support that I receive. I know I am with the right nutrition therapist and on my way to recovery.”

“Vicki helped me develop a strategy for minimizing my IBS symptoms through changes to my diet and lifestyle; She helped me regain control over the quality of my life. I would enthusiastically recommend Vicki to anyone dealing with this frustrating condition”

“Vicki is like having my own dietitian right in my pocket! I like that I can call or email her between appointments to ask a question or get some support. Thank you Vicki!”

“I like how Vicki applies an individual approach to me and my family. We all have different likes and dislikes and she was able to come up with a healthy eating plan to meet all of our needs. Vicki also gave me a lot of advice on substituting ingredients in my recipes to make them much healthier.”

“Vicki helped me to understand what I could do nutritionally to improve my workouts. She devised an individualized plan that not only did that, but made me feel so much better in general.”

“I love the individualized approach Vicki takes. This is the first plan I can actually follow because she took into account foods I actually like! Vicki does not believe in a diet but a life long plan. I have not only lost weight –my blood pressure is now under control as well. Thank you Vicki!”