• Mashed Potato Latke Muffin Bites

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                       Mashed Potato Latke Muffin Bites

    12 to 24 depending on size of pan used- pre heat oven to 400 degrees

    8 medium gold potatoes cut into even size pieces

    2 egges beaten

    1/2 cup low fat milk

    2 tablespoons good quality extra virgin olive oil

    kosher salt and pepper to taste

    Boil potatoes until tender and drain. In a mixing bowl, mash potatoes. Season with salt and pepper. Add olive oil, eggs and milk and mix well. using a greased muffin tin ( I use canola oil), spoon a tablespoon of mixture into each muffin cup. Use the small size if using as an appetizer. Bake on middle rack approximately 30 minutes until nicely browned. Let cool for 5 minutes in pan. Gently use a knife around the sides to loosen from pan. You can eat them warm or re-heat/freeze for later use. Serve with applesauce and non- fat sour cream.