• Inspirational Yoga Mats

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    Embroidered custom yoga mats reflect inner peace with a name, word, or empowering image.

    Yoga enthusiasts have found yet one more way to enhance their mind-body connection and that is with their own customized yoga mat available at www.MyCustomYogaMat.com. Jane Diamond, yoga of Diamond Fitness states: “Just before a yoga class begins, participants typically lay out their mat and claim their sacred space”. An avid MyCustomYogaMat advocate, her clients are able to stretch their bodies and minds on yoga mats that are uniquely their own!  Alison Korman, founder of Dormtique and MyCustomYogaMat.com believes that color is one of our vital senses that can either rev us up or calm us down. The choice of the color palate for the yoga practice can be changed as easily as choosing another mat.  With 20 mat colors and 18 embroidery thread colors it is easy to create the perfect color combination reflective of one’s own style or mood. Many choose to have their name or monogram embroidered on the mat, some opt for a single letter, and many lock in on inspirational words like “Believe”, “Om”, or “Breathe”.

    Technology has enabled digitized logos for businesses, associations, and organizations to be embroidered onto yoga mats.  Yoga studios and spas have ordered dozens of custom embroidered yoga mats to use as “loaners”, to showcase their brand.  In addition, a custom embroidered mat from www.MyCustomYogaMat.com makes a unique and thoughtful birthday, bridesmaid, or spa party gift.

    MyCustomYogaMat’s 74” long and ¼” thick deluxe yoga mats are latex-free and free of harmful dies or heavy metals. Unlike printed mats, the embroidery thread creates a textural effect on the mat and the colors will not fade with use. The mats are durable and washable.

    Dormtique, LLC owns and operates www.MyCustomYogaMat.com.  Dormtique LLC is based in Ambler, Pennsylvania. Additional line extensions include; MyCustomPetMat, MyCustomPlaceMat, and MyCustomBabyMat.