• Sunchokes Made Easy !

    Posted on April 10, 2013 by in Uncategorized

       Sunchokes are plentiful this time of year. They look alot like ginger root- you can peel them if you   like, but that is a little difficult to do ! I keep the skin on, which is actually very thin and edible. Sunchokes are a great source of inulin, a polysaccharide that is like a soluble fiberThis helps to maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in the colon and studies have shown it can help lower cholesterol and may also help to control blood glucose levels as well. They are low in calories too  and taste absolutely delicious! Try them roasted or slice them thin like a chip !

    Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

    1 pound sunchokes, rinsed and scrubbed well. If you prefer to slice them thin put in cold water to prevent browning.

    2- 3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

    Kosher salt to taste

    Mix sunchokes and olive oil in a bowl. Spread evenly on a cookie sheet. Season with  salt.

    Roast approximately 45 minutes.